Triple A Marbella – San Pedro

Triple A is an animal shelter in Marbella which rescues, cares for, and rehomes abandoned animals. They protect and take care of homeless and unfortunate animals who have been abandoned by their owners. They try to re-home them and give them a second opportunity to a better life. They need support from volunteers to care for and walk the dogs, as well as people to offer forever homes for these vulnerable animals and donations to keep the shelter running.

Angelika Kusanova, Head of Adoptions for Triple A explains, “Triple A Marbella & San Pedro is an animal shelter taking care of almost 700 of Marbella’s abandoned, homeless and abused animals.

Marbella is a place of luxury, entertainment, beautiful beaches and restaurants, where you won’t see stray or suffering animals on the streets. That’s because they are taken to Triple A Marbella, where a team of volunteers and employees feed, walk and medically treat them.

Marbella’s animals are also a part of Marbella, and not something to be forgotten, hidden or thrown away. 700 animals are being cared for at Triple A, just above La Cañada, on the Ojen road and they need everyone’s help who lives in Marbella, calls Marbella their second home or comes for holidays, because they are a part of Marbella too.

Triple A asks you to come walk the dogs any day between 9am and 2pm, and Saturdays all day long. Come and join the groups of volunteers to take care of the animals, and please bring a bag of food, to help us feed the 700 animals that call Triple A home. Please also get in touch if you can give one of our dogs a forever home. Thank you.”

Triple A will be showcasing their work and fundraising at the Drum N Bass Night on the 11th of August.

You can purchase your FIESTA Marbella tickets through Triple A to donate 10% of your ticket price to the charity. To buy tickets and make a donation to Triple A click here. You can also find Triple A on Facebook @tripleamarbella and visit their website to find out more about them and how you can help.