About Fiesta

What is Fiesta? It’s a new festival where the concept is to bring the best music to the most beautiful and vibrant places on earth – so where better to start than Marbella!

A five day festival that brings you five different genres of music at the most incredible venue, Marbella Arena. We have chosen the acts not only that you want to see and hear, but who also fit the unique setting perfectly.

Our headliners will perform during that most magical of times in Marbella, the sunset. Come and join us for an atmosphere that will guarantee an experience you will never forget!

Brought to you by the founder of We Are FSTVL, the multi award winning dance music festival from the the UK, Fiesta wants to bring the vibe to Marbella and beyond….look out for our shows in Miami and Dubai in 2025!

Marbella SUNSET

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, the sky starts to transform. Streaks of fiery orange, red, and pink paint the clouds, creating a breath-taking spectacle. SUNSET, presented by FIESTA, is the optimum time to experience the very best of our festival.

Our first announced headliner, Pete Tong Ibiza Classics with Jules Buckley and The Essential Orchestra, will be performing at this special time of the day.

Relax, reflect and enjoy the serenity of SUNSET.