Hogar Betania

Hogar Betania is a non-profit association, whose main mission is to care for people who for various reasons are socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion. The group it serves includes prisoners and ex-prisoners, immigrants, women and minors who are victims of human trafficking, women and minors who are victims of gender violence, homeless people and/or people with drug/alcohol addiction problems, minors in exclusion, the elderly and families in a situation of poverty.

Betania’s goal is for people suffering from social exclusion to regain their dignity by asserting their rights and to regain or initiate autonomy in their lives.

They’ll be showcasing their work and fundraising at the House Music Night with Centreforce 883 and Clockwork Orange on Wednesday 7th of August.

You can purchase your FIESTA Marbella tickets through Hogar Betania to donate 10% of your ticket price to the charity. To buy tickets and make a donation to Hogar Betania click here. You can also find Hogar Betania on Facebook @nuevohogarbetania and visit their website www.nuevohogarbetania.com to find out more about them and how you can help.